Grande Sonnerie Cartel Clock (Holl1)

Origin: France
Movement: Echappement Chevalier de Bethume
Serial: n/a
Style: Cartel
Age: First period
Status: SOLD

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Jean Baptiste was a maitre horloger in Paris, France around 1762. The dial is signed: Jean B. Helye, Reu Nueve St. Mederic (Dictionnaire des Horloge Tardy, pg. 294). It is a very heavy bronze clock (21 kg) with an eight-day movement striking on 3 bells. Around 1 meter high and 50 cm wide. Grande Sonnerie (Frech meaning ‘grand strike’) is a complication in a mechanical clock which combines a quarter striking mechanism with a repeater. On the quarter-hour, it strikes the nuimeber of hours audibly on a gong and then the number of quarter-hours since the hour on a gong.


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