Clodion Clock (1347)

Origin: French
Movement: n/a
Serial: n/a
Style: n/a
Age: Early 1800’s
Status: SOLD

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Clodion 1738-1814; Clodion is commonly represented as the closest to Fragonard among sculptors. he is a sufficiently great master in his own right not to need the comparison which, in any case, is only true to a degree. Clodion was, for one thing, closer to actuality than fragonard, but he also had a largeness of vision alongside a measure of boisterous effervescence never reached before or after in sculpture that at least suggest a parallel. Clodion’s work: a press release (pdf) from the Frick Collection informs us that the museum has made an important purchase of a LePaute Clock with sculpture figures by Clodion.


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